Air Cargo Service Has The Potential to Further Diversify Prince Rupert's Transportation Industry

In 2010, City of Prince Rupert received a $6,000 grant from Northern Development through the Feasibility Studies program towards this $21,500 project. This has been a funding partnership of City of Prince Rupert, Northern Development, Invest Canada-Community Initiatives, Prince Rupert Airport Authority, and Prince Rupert Port Authority

2012-The City of Prince Rupert and the Prince Rupert Port Authority have recognized a growing market demand for expedited movement of highly urgent shipments through the Port to final destinations throughout North America from their origins in Asia. These shipments are primarily part of larger consignments arriving by sea and destined to Memphis, Ohio, Toronto, and Montreal.

The types of shipments that are the primary candidates for this service include just-in-time inventory, short shelf life products, and any goods that are aggressively managed in terms of inventory control. To address the growing demand for expedited shipments, the Port Authority sees an opportunity to further diversify Prince Rupert’s transportation industry with a new air cargo service, as the community’s transportation infrastructure currently only enables ship, highway, and rail service.

A detailed analysis was conducted in 2010 in an effort to determine the feasibility of air cargo service in Prince Rupert and to assess the market demand for decreased transport times with the products that are currently transported through the Port of Prince Rupert. By studying the current demand for air transport out of Prince Rupert and the current capacity at Prince Rupert Regional Airport to transport the proposed air cargo goods, the City is seeking to determine specific infrastructure development and facility upgrade requirements that could increase capacity at the airport.

"As the inbound shipments through the Prince Rupert Container Terminal continue to grow there is opportunity to support and enhance our transportation industry by introducing an air cargo service at the Prince Rupert Airport." At current time shipments through the Port are either put on rail or truck to reach their destination. By examining the opportunity of air cargo we hope that we can build the case for air movements that will accommodate the expedited movement of time sensitive products that pass through our Port."

Derek Baker, Economic Development Officer, Prince Rupert & Port Edward Economic Development Corporatio

Positive Economic Impacts in Prince Rupert

This project has been focused on enabling both the Port of Prince Rupert and the City of Prince Rupert in developing a cohesive capital infrastructure plan that is informed on the potential for air cargo service. As a result of this work, the potential development of infrastructure at the Prince Rupert Regional Airport can be optimized for future air cargo handling and movement of goods between the airport, which is located on Digby Island, and the Fairview Container Terminal, located on Kaien Island.

The economic benefits of the proposed project include a number of short and long term benefits such as an increased and diversified base of employment within the community, further diversification of Prince Rupert's transportation sector, increased capacity at the Prince Rupert Regional Airport, and the development of infrastructure that are optimized to attract increased and sustainable transportation and logistics activity through the Prince Rupert Regional Airport.

Feasibility Studies

The Feasibility Studies is no longer available. Please visit the Capital Investment Analysis program page

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