Introduction to the Indigenous Forest Bioeconomy funding program

Event Date: April 23 2024 @ 9:00am

Northern Development is pleased to cohost an information session for the Indigenous Forest Bioeconomy Program with the Province of British Columbia’s Ministry of Forests, Innovation, Bioeconomy and Indigenous Opportunities Branch.

The Indigenous Forest Bioeconomy program is a grant program that funds forest bioeconomy businesses/projects and any First Nation entity or Individual in BC, or any BC government staff who work with First Nations in BC are encouraged to attend.

More about the IFBP: – The program funds First Nations’ economic enterprises related to wood products or to non-timber forest products. – The program supports innovative uses for wood and forest materials by funding and de-risking fledgling enterprises. – The program supports the production of items that can be made from residual fibre. – The program welcomes new ideas and possibilities in the economy as it pertains to the sale of novel wood products.

To learn more about the program register to attend the upcoming information session.