Fabulous Festivals and Events

Program Overview

The Fabulous Festivals and Events program provides non-profit organizations with up to $2,500 in grant funding from a regional development account to support unique events and festivals throughout the region contributing to service sector revenues in the local economy.

NOTICE: You must fill out and submit a pre-qualification form before you submit an application unless your festival or event has previously been approved for funding. 


Features and benefits of the program

  • Provides a source of annual event hosting capacity funding
  • A time sensitive approval process for complete and well documented applications
  • Supports the sustainability and expansion of local festivals and events which increase tourism revenues and community quality of life
  • Northern Development funding is accessible to all rural areas that would not usually have an opportunity to apply for funding for economic development projects


  • To improve the sustainability and event hosting capacity of unique festivals and events that generate revenue
  • To provide a program that benefits the local economies of small communities and rural areas of central and northern British Columbia
  • To foster Northern B.C.’s reputation as a destination for cultural tourism

Apply for funding

Prior to submitting an application for funding, please review the application guide and following documents in detail. Please note that only complete application forms will be accepted.

Complete application forms with all required attachments should be provided electronically to Northern Development by email. Email: info@northerndevelopment.bc.ca


Please complete a short form to see if your festival or event meets the program availability before you take the time to fill out and submit an application.

Related funding

If you find that you are not eligible for this funding, many Festivals and Events may be eligible for other Northern Development funding. We encourage you to review the following:

Northern Development and the Big Pig Mountain Bike Festival

The Big Pig Mountain Bike Festival in Burns Lake has quickly become one of the premier trail-riding events in Northern B.C. each year, supporting local businesses and diversifying the economy in Burns Lake. Northern Development provided grant support to help make the festival a success. Watch to learn how we helped make a difference in Burns Lake!

Fabulous Festivals: Fraser Heritage Festival

In September 2015, Northern Development provided a $2,500 grant to support the Fraser Heritage Festival in McBride, B.C. The grant was a pilot project for a new festivals and events program. Here’s how it made a difference…

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is Northern Development providing funding support to festivals and events?

Northern Development’s mandate is to strengthen and diversify the economy in Northern B.C. – the Fabulous Festivals and Events program does just that. Festivals and events directly impact the local economy through increased consumer spending. These events attract visitors to the community who stay at hotels, eat at restaurants and spend their money at local businesses. This grant funding will help organizers expand or promote their festival or event, which will increase attendance and positively impact the local economy.

Who is eligible for this funding?

The funding is specifically designed to support registered non-profit organizations that host home grown, destination festivals and signature events that promote or strengthen the unique character of the community and leverage the region’s Northern identity. The festival or event must demonstrate economic benefits for the community, community support, engagement and inclusiveness. The funding requested must be used to increase the capacity of the event.

What types of events are NOT eligible?

  • The event is in its first year of operation
  • The event is held in a concentrated time period (series of summer music concerts, multi-weekend regional
    mountain bike race, etc.)
  • The event is a fundraiser (Terry Fox Run, Relay For Life, Festival of Trees, etc.)
  • The event is political in nature (partisan rally or gathering, issue-based fundraiser, etc.)
  • The event is religious in nature (Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, or Easter event, etc.)
  • The event is held annually in communities across the province or country (Canada Day celebrations, Remembrance Day memorials, May Day parades, etc.)
  • The event is a league or club event (sports training camps, provincial sport tournaments, bonspiels, etc.)
  • The event is solely an artisan and craft fair

Is the funding available more than once?

Yes. Eligible festivals and events can be approved for up to $2,500 in funding each calendar year and may apply again the following year. One of the primary goals of the program is to provide grant funding that’s reliable for small festivals and events on an ongoing basis.

When can I submit an application?

We are accepting applications on an ongoing basis, so if you think you are eligible for funding download an application guide and form and call us at 250- 561-2525.

When will my application be approved?

Funding will be approved once staff have received and reviewed a finalized application and supporting documents, which must include a resolution of support from a local government and the festival or event’s budget information.

Please contact Northern Development staff to discuss your project in further detail.

Phone : (250) 561-2525
Email:  info@northerndevelopment.bc.ca

festivals-newsletter-endorse-artswells-450 “The ArtsWells Festival is integral to the economic success of the Wells and Barkerville region, bringing in a large portion of the area’s annual revenue. Grant funding opportunities make this possible, and ensure that our rural community will continue to grow and thrive.”
– Julie Fowler, Island Mountain Arts
skyfest-450px “Festivals and events like Skyfest build community spirit and are extremely important for the economy of the region, as many spectators travel from other communities to watch the airshow. Although events such as the airshow rely completely on volunteer labour, access to grant funding is crucial to the success of the event.”
– Barb van Halderen, Quesnel Skyfest Society
grizfest-450px “Access to grant funding allows us to offer the cultural experience of the Grizfest program to the public. These grant funds provide financial support to help offset costs of sound and production, children entertainers, security personal and event advertising. It is crucial that the society continues to have access to grant funding for the Grizfest program to be a success.”
– Joy McKay, Tumbler Ridge Days Society