Meet the Trust’s new photo ambassadors!

May 28, 2021

Photos: Northern Development

Last month, Northern Development shared that we had contracted a local artist to carve four animal photo ambassadors to travel around the region with local photographers to appear in images of projects the Trust has invested in.

Over the span of four weeks, we hosted a contest on Facebook and Instagram to encourage people to submit their name suggestions for the chance to win a $100 Support Local BC gift card.

The Trust is pleased to introduce our photo ambassadors: Bearnard the Bear, Belle the Bison, Eddie the Eagle and Finn the Salmon.

Bearnard outside the Mackenzie Recreation Centre.

Bearnard has already travelled to Mackenzie to visit the Mackenzie Community Campsite, Mackenzie Recreation Centre and some business façade improvement projects. Belle is currently planning a trip to Fort St. John to visit the brand-new Fort St. John Festival Plaza and to meet the local government intern that recently joined the City of Fort St. John through Northern Development’s Local Government Internship program.

Keep your eyes on the Trust’s Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn channels to see where the photo ambassadors will travel to next!