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Haida Gwaii launches business procurement database

Haida Gwaii launches a business procurement database encouraging small business owners on the islands to sign up and connect with major contractors

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Haida Gwaii launches business procurement database

Haida Gwaii’s Misty Isles Economic Development Society (MIEDS) is helping businesses on the islands reap the benefits of major contracts.

Last year, MIEDS launched – an information-sharing portal for small businesses on Haida Gwaii, which includes a procurement database that helps major contractors connect with local businesses that have specific expertise.

Mary Lou Schroeder, an administrative assistant with MIEDS, said the database collects skills and relevant business experience information from local small businesses and makes it available to contractors on the islands.

Haida Gwaii is about to embark on a number of major infrastructure projects, including the Masset Airport and Queen Charlotte Hospital, which will bring new contractors to the islands.

Schroeder said the database would help connect off-island contractors with local businesses to ensure the people of Haida Gwaii reap the benefits of major projects.

So far, the feedback about the portal has been excellent, she added.

“The service providers are very supportive of it, and the contractors really appreciate having that information at their fingertips,” said Schroeder.

The web portal also contains program and services information for employers, skills training opportunities via the Hecate Strait Employment Development Society and a variety of reports and information produced by MIEDS.

[quote by=”Mary Lou Schroeder” position=”Administrative Assistant” company=”Misty Isles Economic Development Society”]The service providers are very supportive of it, and the contractors really appreciate having that information at their fingertips[/quote]

Local small businesses, whether they offer equipment, land, rooms or technical support, are encouraged to visit the site and add their information to the procurement database.