Your funding application has been approved – now what?

June 18, 2015

Northern Development’s Post-Approval brochure will help applicants more easily understand what happens once regional leaders have given their support to a project.

Accessing funding isn’t always a simple or easy process – we’re trying to make it simpler. This week we published a new brochure that helps answer one of the most common questions our finance staff receive: “I’ve been approved for funding. Now what?”

The brochure is designed to succinctly explain everything that happens after an applicant has been approved for funding – from the contract to receiving the money and reporting back to us about your success. Over the last year, we’ve introduced a number of tools to simplify our application and approval processes including: a funding program matrix, updated application forms and guides available online, an interactive funding program wizard on our website and new success stories that provide examples of how our funding has been used to make a difference in hundreds of different ways throughout the region over the last decade.

Still too complicated? Let us know! Our staff prides themselves on continuous improvement. Click here to download our post-approval brochure now.