Latest grant approvals: golf course improvements, a community kitchen gets built, campsite upgrades and more…

June 19, 2015

Taylor’s Lone Wolf links will shine green
Golfers can look forward to better turf conditions in Taylor’s community owned course, thanks to an upgrade to the Lone Wolf Golf Course’s irrigation system. Northern Development has approved a $10,269 grant to help upgrade the irrigation system’s existing field controllers and install a new central control software. The upgrades mean the irrigation system is better able to determine the right amount of water needed for each area of the golf course, improving turf conditions, reducing over-watering and preventing soil erosion. The total project budget is $120,000.

Community kitchen will cook up activity in Likely
Residents and visitors in Likely will soon be able to enjoy the benefits of a new community kitchen. Northern Development has approved a $30,000 grant to help build a community and industrial kitchen immediately adjacent to the Likely community hall. The new facility will be available for rent any time of year. The kitchen allows residents to produce large quantities of canned and preserved foods to last the winter months when road conditions are often unpredictable. The space can also be utilized for catering for weddings, family reunions and other community events. The total project budget is $120,115.

Accessibility improvements underway at Bouchie Lake hall
Residents of Bouchie Lake will soon be able to enjoy a far more accessible community hall. Northern Development has approved $30,000 for upgrades to the hall that include a ramp installation for the main entrance, a covered walkway and removal of uneven, cracked concrete stairs. Safety upgrades to the hall also include the installation of handrails, guard railings and exterior lights. The changes to the hall, which is 40 years old, mean more people in the community will be able to enjoy events and festivities at the facility, extending its life and ensuring the heart of the community remains strong and vibrant. The total project budget is $188,475.

Queen Charlotte camping just got a whole lot better
A second set of upgrades to the Hayden Turner Campground in the Village of Queen Charlotte has created more options for overnight visitors to Haida Gwaii. Northern Development has approved a $8,715 grant to help rebuild two walk-in campsites on the beach, build two sets of benches and fire pits for the beach sites and upgrade the local trail network to include two access routes to beach campsites. The upgrades are the second phase of a project that previously included improvements to Hayden Turner Campground’s RV and tent sites, water systems, washrooms and trails. The improvements mean more travellers will choose to stay in the Village of Queen Charlotte with oceanfront camping when they visit Haida Gwaii, generating more revenue for the local economy. The total project budget is $17,431.