Trust hits it out of the park

July 26, 2016

From Lytton to Chetwynd to Bralorne, the Trust is investing in the future of outdoor sport infrastructure. Whether these facilities are for competitive sports or family fun, they encourage people to get active.
Battlefield Ball Park in Lytton, Chetwynd Ball Field and Bralorne Ball Diamond are three recent projects getting upgrades. The projects have received $21,000, $30,000 and $8,300 respectively.
“On behalf of Lytton First Nation and the community, we raise our hands to NDIT for their generous contribution towards the Battlefield Ball Park!” Bobby Jumbo, Lytton First Nations.

The upgrades to the Battlefield Ball Park means that they are ready for their annual fundraising event on July 29th.

The Chetwynd Recreational Softball League also received funding for a new dugout and other upgrades to their ball field. “With the help of Northern Development and local business support we have been able to upgrade our aging Infrastructure. These upgrades will allow us to be a more desirable place for teams to travel to for tournaments in the peace region.” Brody Janzen
Recent funding to the Bralorne Ball Diamond upgraded fencing that had fallen into disrepair. This project means more than new fences for Bralorne, it means continuing a tradition dating back to the 1930s.

IMG_0246     IMG_0259
The ball diamond is host to the Bralorne Ball Tournament, an annual tournament that has been running on and off since the 1930s. Today it is an invitation-only tournament composed of seven out-of-town teams and the Bralorne team. The tournament is run by the Bralorne Community Advisory Committee around the Canada Day weekend. Out-of-town teams usually camp in the area and support many local businesses. The ball tournament is the only event that is held annually in Bralorne that brings together the whole town for a weekend of fun, which ends with dancing and live music.