Bringing Community Together in the Northeast

March 1, 2016

Tumbler Ridge and Hudson’s Hope have accessed The Trust’s Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program for their Community Centre and Arena respectively. Both communities were granted $30,000 to upgrade their facilities.

The pre-existing lighting system in the Tumbler Ridge Community Centre is a 33-year-old florescent system that no longer met the requirements for the facility. This upgrade assisted with the maintaining of our Community Centre, which is the hub of activity for the community. Currently the facility is well used by organizations including their Arts Council, Library and Youth Centre for an array of activities ranging from Craft Fairs and Mass Registration nights to weddings and concerts.

The District of Hudson’s Hope pre-existing Zambonis¬†were purchased in 1980 and 1990 respectively and both were in need of replacement. The District applied to Northern Development for funding to support the purchase of an ice re-surfacer for the maintenance of the arena ice surface.

Facilities such as community centres and arenas is are integral to any small community. They are the places that bring people together in the dead of winter and the brighter summer months to celebrate what it means to be a community. By upgrading their facilities, Tumbler Ridge and Hudson’s Hope can carry a proud legacy of home-town pride into the future.