DYK: Community Development Application Process

January 12, 2023

Did you know that Northern Development has a document detailing the application and decision process for our community development funding programs? The Community Development Application Process document is found on the Publications page of Northern Development’s website and is a handy resource for Indigenous governments, local governments and non-profit organizations who are considering applying to the Trust for funding.

View a full-size PDF here.

To support all applicants, Northern Development encourages organizations to reach out and ensure their project is a fit for the funding opportunities they provide. Initial contact can occur with a phone call or through email.

The document also shares information into the decision process, which involves staff conducting due diligence and forwarding the funding request to the appropriate regional advisory committee (RAC). If the RAC supports the project, the application progresses to Northern Development’s board of directors, who meet quarterly to review and approve applications. For select funding programs, the board has delegated approval authority to the Trust’s CEO.

View the Community Development Application Process document and other funding process information.