Boosting business and beautifying buildings

June 3, 2020

Business Façade Improvement program lights up Northern B.C. businesses

In the dark of winter, improvements to business exteriors done during the light of summer create an inviting and safe first impression, reflecting the warmth of the people and business inside. Northern Development’s Business Façade Improvement program encourages independent businesses to invest in their building’s exterior and and assists with the costs incurred during an exterior renovation.

In Quesnel, Reid Street Pharmacy took advantage of the Business Façade Improvement program and created a more accessible rear entrance for clients and patients while also updating the aesthetics of the back wall by commissioning a mural and adding lighting.

Before and after pictures of Reid Street Pharmacy in Quesnel.

“The murals have greatly enhanced the appearance of the buildings and have provided interesting and inviting entrances,” said I. Keith Corbett in a testimonial after the project’s completion. “The lighting for the murals has had the double effect of illuminating the artwork and improving the safety and ambience of the alley and rear entrances. We have received many positive comments and are very satisfied with the project.

Local governments in the Trust’s service region can apply for up to $20,000 through the Business Façade Improvement program. The local government then receives, reviews and approves applications from businesses in their community. This program encourages private sector investment in local business improvement and subsequently enhances the economic viability and vibrancy of Northern B.C.

Since launching the funding program to an enthusiastic response, Northern Development has committed $2,250,980 to local governments through the Business Façade Improvement program, with many communities repeatedly applying and being approved for funding to continue enhancing their businesses and creating an attractive destination for locals and visitors.