New trails in the works on Tabor Mountain

September 7, 2022

Dan Domes shows where a trail will be built beside Tabor Creek.
All photos: Northern Development

On August 31, the Association of Caledonia Trailbuilders (ACT) welcomed two Northern Development staff to visit their project site on Tabor Mountain, approximately 15 kilometres east of Prince George. Approved for a $70,302 Recreation Infrastructure grant in June 2022, the ACT has made quick work of completing preliminary clearing of trails, with the ultimate, long-term goal to complete several phases of trail development, resulting in a 35-kilometre multi-use trail network.

“The idea of this new trail network has been in the works since 2016,” said Dan Domes, president, ACT. “Now that the work is finally underway, our hope is to have almost five kilometres of green and blue trails ready to ride by spring 2023. Riders of all experience levels will enjoy these trails and appreciate the scenery and soundscape as they ride the two-way trail along Tabor Creek.”

Green flags indicate where a trail will be built on Tabor Mountain.

The $70,302 grant is being used to complete the first phase of the new trail network by developing two trails. The first trail will allow users of all skill levels to travel uphill on a beginner trail that spans 2,200 metres from Groveburn Road to Troll Lake Trail. The second trail will require 1,193 metres of hand building along Tabor Creek and will connect with the first described trail.

“Tabor is an ideal location for a mountain bike trail network,” explained Domes. “A gravel road allows shuttles right up to the top of the mountain, it’s fairly close to town and there’s lots of vertical.”

Tabor Mountain Recreation Site already features a gravel road, which provides vehicle shuttling opportunities for mountain bikers. Having a vehicle shuttle option will allow riders to spend more time enjoying the flow while travelling downhill, without having to pedal up. The trail network plan also includes climbing trails and two-way trails for bikers to pedal uphill to their next trailhead.

Although geared towards mountain bikers, the trail network will be welcoming to a range of non-motorized users, including hikers, snowshoers and fat bikers.

Walking a partially cleared trail on Tabor Mountain.