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December 2015 - Newsletter

Holiday greetings and warm wishes from your friends at Northern Development

Thank you for your continued support and partnership. We appreciate working with you to build a stronger north and look forward to continuing to serve the region throughout the year to come.


As a small gift to you we have our winter graphics available for download to use as a background on your computer and mobile devices.
Simply visit our download page to get them.

Time for some rest & recreation

Over the holidays, we hope that you have some time to enjoy the wonderful recreation opportunities and facilities available throughout northern B.C.

Local halls and recreation facilities are cornerstones of community spirit throughout Northern B.C. Chances are, if you have lived in or have visited Northern B.C. anytime within the past 10 years, you have set foot in a facility that Northern Development has helped fund. The investment the Trust has made into these facilities not only adds to the quality of life in northern communities, but contributes to the sustainability and expansion of local infrastructure to enable tourism and economic growth.