As you navigate the application and approval process, please refer to the below frequently asked questions to help keep informed.

Any further questions can be directed to Alanna Le Cerf, internship programs manager, via email to alanna@northerndevelopment.bc.ca.

Q1) I am not sure if I meet the eligibility criteria, how can I be sure?

Thank you for your interest in applying! Our internships program manager is happy to set up a call with you to chat through whether you meet our terms of eligibility and to answer any questions you may have along the way

Q2) I want to apply to both the local government internship program and the First Nations government internship program. Can I do this and what do I need to include in my application? 

A2) Absolutely! You are welcome to apply to both programs, however you must indicate this on the applicant cover page (found on our website) as well as in your cover letter. It will be preferred that you have reference letters that can speak to your ability to participate in either program. You will also be required to familiarize yourself with the host communities for both programs as you will be asked to rank the communities in order of preference. (Materials will be provided to you by Internships Program manager).

Q3) When will the host communities be announced and how do I learn more about them?

A3) The host communities will be posted at the end of January or first week of February. Please check back to our internships page often and follow us on social media to see the announcement. Once communities have been announced the Internships program manager will provide all intern applicants with a community guide for each host community. You will be responsible to do your own research beyond what is outlined in the guides. Resources such as community webpages, tourism pages and local blogs may be supportive in providing you a greater sense of the community.

Q4) I was successful in my interview and have received a verbal offer of employment from my host community – now what happens?

First, celebrate! Congratulations on making it through the interview stages. In the days following your verbal offer, you can expect to receive an employment agreement from the host community outlining all the terms of your employment. You will be required to review the terms, sign and return the agreement. Once the host has signed it, you will receive a final copy.

Q5) I’m beginning the process of relocating – where do I start?

A5) Relocating to a city one does not currently live in is one of the challenges of the internship program and there is no one “right” answer. Our first recommendation is to begin with a conversation with the host community’s mentor to ask if they have any leads on rental units within the community or within the office. Beyond that, most communities have active Facebook rental groups, as well as Kijiji and Craigslist listings. A tip that has been used to great effect in the is sharing a short “in search of” post:

“Young professional seeking 1 bedroom accommodation
Hi there, I’m looking to move to X community for X date. I’m a quiet, young professional relocating from X community for a new job with the X. I enjoy X, Y, Z activities and am looking for something reasonably priced and centrally located – I have stable employment and good references.”

Often, landlords will reach out with their property descriptions that may not yet be listed if they feel like they have found a stable and reliable occupant without promoting their rental.

One additional tip is to consider lining up a virtual Facetime or Hangouts tour with the landlord to chat and get to see the place in full. Providing the mentor, or a member of the office is comfortable with it, an option may be asking someone who currently lives in the community to do a drive-by or a tour on as well, to ensure the place is well kept and the photos are up to date and reflect the current state of the property.

When seeking a rental property be mindful of the area of town it is located in, proximity to services such as grocery stores and other amenities. If there are insufficient photos or what appear to be edited photos, request additional photos or a video tour. There are many different types of real estate and rental scams out there so be wary and if something seems off, trust your gut and reach out for help.

Beyond the above-mentioned tips, please feel free to contact the internships program manager for additional tips and assistance with seeking appropriate affordable, safe housing.

Q6) I am nervous about relocating, what can I do to settle into my host community?

A6)It is perfectly normal to feel nervous about relocating to a new host community. The internships program manager will help you arrange a call with your mentor so you can ask some community and work-related questions to someone who knows the community first hand. This might include things like “what is the required office attire?” “What kind of things should I prepare to bring with me and what can I leave behind?” “What spots are close by for lunch?” “Is there adequate public transportation to get me to neighbouring communities?” and so on.

A few additional things you can do to help you get acquainted before arriving are to check out local amenities and groups that may be of interest to you. Interested in mountain biking? Perhaps call the local tourism centre and inquire if there are any mountain biking groups you can get in touch with. Love to read? Call the local library and ask about what services they offer or if they have a book club you can join.

Q7) Will orientation be held in person?

A7) Pending any changes to health regulations regarding the COVID-19 pandemic, we are planning to host orientation in person, in Prince George at the start of your placement. Should there be any changes to the heath regulations, this may be subject to change.