Yunesit'in Government Builds Year-Round Outdoor Community Rink In The Chilcotin

In 2009, Stone Indian Band received a $30,000 grant from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $206,918 project. This has been a funding partnership of Stone Indian Band, Northern Development, and Recreation Infrastructure Canada

2012- The Chilcotin Outdoor Rink Project saw the creation of outdoor, year-round, accessible sports arenas in First Nation communities throughout the Chilcotin. The network of rinks was built by community members, supported by community service strategies, and became active, low cost recreation facilities.

The Yunesit’in First Nations, located in Hanceville, are very involved in sports, however, their outdoor rink was unsafe to use and they did not have any other recreational facilities in the community. Those that wished to take part in recreational acitivies had to travel over two hundred kilometers to the Williams Lake.

The Yunesit’in Government undertook the building of a new outdoor rink to address the lack of recreational facilities in the community. The construction of the new rink included the laying of a concrete playing surface and the construction of boards.

"Our outdoor ice rink project is a success story.  The Yunesit'in community youth and adults have always played ice hockey and still are active. Today, both ice hockey and ball hockey are the main sport activities among our youth and adults. Our community does not have a gym, and the rink is the only option for sport activities. The rink is busy with players all year round and a few tournaments have been held and we received many compliments on the new rink."

Lena Hink, Band Manager, Yunesit'in Government

"We have fewer problems with alcohol and drugs and criminal activities. Our youth are developing pride, self-esteem, team and social skills as they exercise and socialize with others while playing hockey in the rink.  Yunesi'tin would like to give our deepest appreciation to Northern Development in making our ice rink a successful project."

Lena Hink, Band Manager, Yunesit'in Government

Positive Economic Impacts in Hanceville

The construction of a new rink in the community has created a year round recreation facility for Yunesit'in community members of all ages. The new outdoor rink will contribute to a healthier community and an important asset to the Yunesit'in Government in creating accessible, active and healthy sports activities.

The new rink is used primarily for ice and field hockey with two tournaments being held in the winter and summer months which attract participants from surrounding communities The upkeep and maintenance of the facility is done on a voluntary basis with the exception of the summer months when a summer student is hired to maintain the facility.

The rink is also cited as a contributing factor for those that want to move back to the community, but previously felt unable to do so because of the lack of recreational facilities.

Community Halls and Recreation Facilities

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