Williams Lake Band Constructs A New Baseball Field and Upgrades Gymnasium

In 2009, Williams Lake Indian Band received a $30,000 grant from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $241,450 project. This has been a funding partnership of Williams Lake Indian Band, Northern Development, and Recreation Infrastructure Canada

2012- The Williams Lake Indian Band has upgraded a number of facilities in order to provide greater recreational opportunities for their band members.

Under this project, the Williams Lake Indian Band has converted an old rodeo ground into a baseball field, levelled the field, installed bleachers and chainlink fence, and added on a concession area.  The community hall has, in the past, served as a gymnasium as well as a gathering place for community events. Upgrades to the community hall gymnasium have resulted in a facility that is now much more suited for hosting sporting events with a newly renovated floor, new sport lines, and fold-away bleachers for spectators.

These facility upgrades are especially important to band members who may not otherwise have access to facilities in Williams Lake.

"The improvements made to our recreation/community building and our baseball field lifted our community so much. Members now have an upgraded baseball field along with new bleachers at the gym and new flooring. We are proud of our facilities and love to show them off. With the gym upgrade we are now able to have tournaments and events at the gym."

Marg Shelley, Band Administrator, Williams Lake Indian Band

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Positive Economic Impacts in Williams Lake

The recreation infrastructure revitalization project is another step towards the Williams Lake Indian Band becoming financially independent. This facility will generate revenue as people will rent out the newly refurbished hall. The ability to hold larger sporting events also opens up the possibility of holding tournaments, which have a positive economic benefit to the Band and surrounding communities. The renovations to the hall created five temporary positions that were filled by local workers.

Community Halls and Recreation Facilities

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Canim Lake Indian Band's Investment In A New Community Gymnasium Provides Fitness For All

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