Clinton Upgrades Historic Memorial Hall, Host Of The Oldest Continual Heritage Ball In Canada

In 2009, Village of Clinton received a $30,000 grant from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $228,342 project. This has been a funding partnership of Village of Clinton, Northern Development, and Towns for Tomorrow

2012- The Clinton Memorial Hall was constructed in 1920 as a memorial to community’s residents who took part in the First World War. Substantial volunteer labour and donated material played a vital role in completion of the hall. Throughout the past eighty-eight years, the Hall has honoured the memory of the area’s veterans and served the community well as a place for meeting and entertainment. The Clinton Memorial Hall is the traditional site for Clinton’s Annual Ball, the oldest continual heritage event of its kind in Canada.

The Village of Clinton assumed ownership of the Hall in 1968. Over the decades, a number of additions and maintenance projects have been completed, the most recent being the upgrade of kitchen and washroom facilities in 2000 In spite of those upgrades the Hall’s utility has been degraded through poor acoustics and lighting, poor wheel chair accessibility and a lack of parking facilities.

This new upgrade project completed by the Village of Clinton has involved the replacement of a significant portion of the foundation which had sulphated., and the entrance to the Hall has been modified to permit easy access for the disabled. The acoustics and lighting have been updated, including the installation of a large screen TV system and amplified sound system suitable for large group viewing of events such as the Olympic Games in 2010. The Hall now boasts a full facility kitchen with two commercial stoves, warming oven and dishwasher, and the stage has been largley expanded allowing for larger productions.

"This project has really increased the usage of the hall, especially for dinners and dances Because of the help we received from NDI, we were able to fix an ailing building, but still able to maintain the original character of it It is important for us to be able to host community events. We have many non-profit organizations that use the venue for fundraising and it is instrumental in keeping money in our Community."

Roland Stanke, former Mayor, Village of Clinton

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Positive Economic Impacts in Clinton

The upgrade and expansion of the Memorial Hall is allowing for the hosting of new events that were not previously being held in Clinton. The increased capacity is allowing out-of-town participation in events held at the Hall. The improvements provide increased opportunities to attract groups to come to Clinton for training courses currently being held in other towns which are increasing economic activity in the community. The upgraded facility also provides a complimentary venue for hosting sports tournaments, weddings, dinners, and a variety of entertainment options by providing a facility large enough to host large numbers of participants.

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This project has helped to benefit the Decker Lake Recreation Commission through increased facility rentals. As well, during construction, there were three temporary jobs created to help increase worker capacity.

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