Families Are Enjoying Quesnel's Improved Aquatic Centre

In 2010, City of Quesnel received a $30,000 grant from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $220,000 project. This has been a funding partnership of City of Quesnel, Northern Development, Community Works Fund, and North Cariboo Recreation and Parks

2012-The Quesnel and District Arts and Recreation Centre features a family friendly aquatic facility that includes two pools, a hot tub, two dry saunas, and one steam sauna. With new health regulations in place that require facilities to better control the negative by-products of clorination, the City of Quesnel decided to upgrade their facility to include an ultra violet disinfection system that is used in treating swimming pool water. The system supplements traditional chlorine disinfection, decreases the amount of chemicals used, and provides a much more enjoyable environment for bathers.

While installing the new ultra violet disinfection system, the City of Quesnel also took the opportunity to replace two aging dry cedar saunas and a steam sauna. There were a number of problems with the saunas including ineffective drainage on the floors and water permeation into structural components resulting in growing health and safety concerns. The replacement of the saunas reqired demolishing the existing structures and building new saunas that were designed by an architect.

The City was able to successfully complete this project with funding support from the Community Works Fund, North Cariboo Recreation and Parks, and Northern Development.

"The Arts and Recreation Centre upgrade has had a positive impact on customer satisfaction and facility use at the facility. The improvements made under this project have helped to increase the life of the facility and have provided users with a more pleasurable recreation experience. This will ensure that the facility continues to be a vital hub for the arts, sport, and recreation in Quesnel and we anticipate that facility use and revenues will increase as a result of these initiatives."

Jeff Norburn, General Manager, Community Services, City of Quesnel

Positive Economic Impacts in Quesnel

The Arts and Recreation Centre provides a range of social and economic benefits to the Cariboo region as it is a hub for arts and culture programs, events, recreation, and fitness activities. Many potential facility users were previously unable to participate in aquatic activities at the Recreation Centre due to the negative reactions caused by chlorine disinfection. The new ultra violet treatment has improved the quality of the water, and ensures the facility is providing a safe, healthy environment for the community.

The centre has also attracted a winter swim club in addition to the summer club that has utilized the facility for years. These swim clubs host swim meets that attract competitors from throughout British Columbia who travel to Quesnel and stay in local hotels and eat in local restaurants. The facility upgrades were necessary to ensure that attendance at these events remains high.

High quality recreation facilities are critical in attracting people to relocate to Quesnel. The recreation centre provides programs and services that meet the needs of all age groups including families moving to Quesnel for employment and older adults who have retired and are attracted to the reasonable cost of living in Quesnel.

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