Thornhill's Firing Range Initiates First Phase Towards Establishing A Northwest BC Firearms Training Centre

In 2010, Terrace Rod & Gun Club received a $30,000 grant from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $204,875 project. This has been a funding partnership of Terrace Rod & Gun Club, Northern Development, Community Development Trust - Job Opportunities Program, Terrace Rod & Gun Club, Union of BC Municipalities, and Whiskey Jack Archers

2012 – The Terrace Rod and Gun Club is a non-profit society that operates its facilities for target shooting in Thornhill, BC. The society has been focused on a capital infrastructure plan since 2009 when a comprehensive business case analysis was developed to assess expansion of the facilities to enable year-round training for law enforcement professionals.  For information on the business analysis phase of this project, that was also supported by Northern Development, see the story:  Terrace Rod and Gun Club Completes Infrastructure Planning for New Indoor Firearms Range.

The feasibility study that was undertaken in 2009 was successful in outlining an expansion and upgrade plan for the club, and now the first phase of this plan has become a reality. With continued support from a partnership of funders, the Terrace Rod and Gun Club was able to expand their existing rifle range and improve the target stands and training aids for both the rifle and pistol ranges. The society has also improved the clubhouse, constructed outdoor archery practice range and target stands, and built an archery shooting shed.

"Thanks to the funding provided by Northern Development that was used to upgrade the club, we have seen our memberships increase by thirty three per cent. Our members really enjoy the improved facilities, and appreciate the safe atmosphere."

Art Moi, President, Terrace Rod and Gun Club

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Positive Economic Impacts in Terrace

The extensive upgrade and expansion of the rod and gun club's facilities was necessary to address the issue of meeting an increase in community demand by increasing the quality of service the club can provide as well as a larger, safe environment for target shooting practice. The increased capacity this project has created is enabling the club to host larger events, and to be used for law enforcement training. The increased number of events, increased membership, and increased range rentals has resulted in growing revenues for the club.

As a result of the upgrades and facility expansion by the Terrace Rod and Gun Club, the number of visitors from outside Terrace who use the club has grown and local businesses are experiencing positive economic spinoffs. The feasibility study results indicated that Terrace's local economy benefits from a 3:1 multiplier for spending within the local economy based on the activity and events the club attracts to the community. This project is helping generate additional revenue within local small businesses and is also helping to create direct new employment and additional seasonal employment in Terrace and Thornhill.

Since the completion of the project, local businesses are seeing the shooting range help target economic activity throughout the community.

Community Halls and Recreation Facilities

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Terrace Rod and Gun Club Completes Infrastructure Planning for New Indoor Firearms Range

Given the indications of increasing demand on the existing facility in Terrace and the limitation of this facility during the winter months, the community and the region have a strong interest in expansion and upgrading of the range. The proposed expansion and upgrade of the Terrace Rod and Gun Club's…

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