Telkwa Community Hall Is Serving It Up With New Kitchen

In 2011, Village of Telkwa received a $9,000 grant from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $119,200 project. This has been a funding partnership of Village of Telkwa, Northern Development, and Bulkley Valley Kinsmen Club

2012-The community hall in the Village of Telkwa has been the cornerstone of the community since the 1970s. The facility is now well-positioned to provide enhanced service to the area after completing significant upgrades. The hall, which is capable of hosting up to 230 people, serves as the primary event facility that brings area residents together. There is a large variety of cultural events that take place at the community hall, such as musical performances, weddings and sports tournaments.

Every year, the whole region comes together at the community hall for the Bulkley Valley Kinsmen‘s Telkwa BBQ – September 2012 marks the 100th Anniversary. Telkwa has a population of roughly 1,300, but typically more than 6,000 people attend the event. The BBQ has live music every year, and the 2012 headliners include the world-famous acts of Trooper, George Canyon, and Aaron Pritchett. The Telkwa BBQ also hosts an annual demolition derby, showcasing drivers who compete for prestige and prize money. The upgrades to the community hall will re-establish this neighborhood site as a cultural centre Telkwa.

The renovations to the hall include electrical upgrades, new flooring and a deep fryer in the kitchen, which is now better suited to serve large groups of people.

"The renovations have brought the hall into the 21st century and will strengthen our ability to serve our community's greatest needs."

Leroy Dekens, President, Bulkley Valley Kinsmen

"The Bulkley Valley Kinsmen have spearheaded the improvements at the hall and the overall improvements to the municipal community grounds. It is through partnerships such as this that the Village of Telkwa is able to realize its vision of a healthy, friendly, diversified and thriving community.  We wish to thank Northern Development for funding this successful community project."

Carman Graf, Mayor, Village of Telkwa

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Positive Economic Impacts in Telkwa

The new commercial kitchen will make the Telkwa Community Hall a highly desirable rental facility and provides the capability to host large events year-round. This upgraded facility serves as an excellent example of the type of amenity that can help attract families to the area. Revenues are expected to nearly double during the next five years, with substantial year-to-year growth projected as the facility gains popularity. Total combined revenue generation in those same five years is estimated to be nearly $80,000. The annual Telkwa BBQ provides a significant portion of the community hall's annual revenue, and has a large positive financial impact on the local community.

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