Taylor's Modernized Arena Is A Great Place To Socialize And Grab A Bite To Eat

In 2011, District of Taylor received a $5,000 grant from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $15,000 project. This has been a funding partnership of District of Taylor and Northern Development

2012-The District of Taylor is a small community, located on Mile 36 of the Alaska Highway, in northeastern British Columbia. This rural community is situated in a scenic valley, located along the mighty Peace River. The District of Taylor traditionally experiences a northern continental climate with more frost-free days than most areas in the Peace region due to its location in the valley and its proximity to the Peace River.

The District of Taylor has become known as the ‘industrial capital of the north’ and provides residents and visitors with many activities that revolve around the area’s rich gold-panning history, among the tourist attractions, Taylor also provides many amenities to visitors and residents alike. In 1993, the District built the Taylor District Ice Centre, which provides patrons with the opportunity to go ice skating year-round, figure skating lessons or the chance to catch an ice hockey game.

In 2011, Northern Development provided funding support to the District of Taylor in order to update and modernize the facility. The District used the funding to construct and install a two-part clear anodized aluminum wall, complete with tempered glass. The wall included the installation of a door for public access and a automatic sliding door for handicap access. The purpose of the wall was to provide separation between the lobby and the two ice surfaces.

This project will allow the facility to lower its environmental impact by removing the completion between the lobby heating system and the ice surface cooling system through the zone separation that is created by the wall. The modernization of the facility will provide users with a more comfortable and pleasurable experience.

"This is the first year that we have had the concession stand, Gramma's Kitchen, open during summer hours at our ice arena. People never really regarded the concession as a place to sit down and have a meal as it was always viewed as an arena hockey stand. Since this project started, even before the walls were even installed, seniors have been setting up card tables and ordering their lunches from the stand."

Troy Gould, Parks and Facilities Director, District of Taylor

"Local businesses have started to come in and order their lunches or dinners, treating the ice arena's lobby more like a sit-down restaurant which has had a significant economic impact as a result of the project.  In addition, parents are bringing their children to skate more often and for longer periods of time. We are seeing an increase in revenues due to this project because parents are able to remain at a comfortable temperature on the other side of the climate controlled partition."

Troy Gould, Parks and Facilities Director, District of Taylor

Positive Economic Impacts in Taylor

The installation of the glass wall and the subsequent separation between the cooling and heating systems will significantly impact the energy efficiency of the building. It is estimated that the upgrade will save between fifteen to twenty percent in energy consumption and decrease the cost of operations.

The construction phase of the project will create one construction position for a local worker or firm as well as two seasonal jobs as food service workers in the lobby. These food service positions will be created as a direct effect of the installation of the wall as it will create a better seating area and will generate more business for the concession. The improved seating area and general comfort for the adults in the facility will translate into further and longer use of the facility, increasing cost recovery.

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