New Technology At The Robson Valley Community Centre Focuses On Attracting Events to McBride

In 2010, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George received a $16,500 grant from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $49,500 project. This has been a funding partnership of Regional District of Fraser-Fort George, Northern Development, and McBride Community Hall Society

2012 – Constructed in 2007, the Robson Valley Community Centre is a multi-purpose meeting and entertainment facility serving approximately one thousand Robson Valley residents in McBride and surrounding areas. The building features a multi-purpose presentation, theatre, meeting and concert room with a professional quality stage and large dance floor. Due to budget constraints, a commercial grade audio/visual system could not be installed at the time of construction. The large dimensions and vaulted architecture of the main room required a commercial grade audio/visual system as the basic existing system did not provide clear sound to all parts of the room and resulted in distortion and reverberation when music was played in the facility.

In 2011, an audio/visual assessment was completed that outlined the technical specifications and cost of an audio/visual system that would meet the unique requirements of the facility. In late 2009, the McBride Community Hall Society, with funding support from the Regional District of Fraser-Fort George and Northern Development, installed the new commercial grade audio/visual system.

"Utilization of the new facility was limited by inadequate audio and visual presentation equipment. The room was initially equipped with basic elements that were unable to provide clear sound quality. The new sound system provides excellent sound quality with an integrated projector and large scale screen."

Lyle Lewis, Recreation Facilities Manager, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George

"The installation of our new audio visual system has contributed to an increase of Robson Valley Community Centre users, which in turn benefits local lodging, dining, fuel, retail, and tourism businesses. Positive feedback has been received from Robson Valley Community Centre users regarding quality and ease of use."

Lyle Lewis, Recreation Facilities Manager, Regional District of Fraser-Fort George

Positive Economic Impacts in McBride

The Robson Valley Community Hall Audio/Visual System Upgrade is enabling McBride to host a much larger range of events than the building was initially capable of accommodating. With the new system in place, the hall is now able to host concerts, theatrical presentations, video and multi-media presentations, dance events, large business and government meetings, trade events, educational and training events, public safety and emergency preparedness events, large private gatherings, and award ceremonies.
There is no comparable facility within a range of 200 kilometres and the society estimates that the hall has seen an eighty per cent increase in its marketability and usability since the audio/visual system project was completed. The increase in users from the local area and region has provided direct economic benefits to local businesses and their suppliers. It is hoped that the indirect revenue realized by local business will grow to over $100,000 annually within five years.

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