Queen Charlotte's Community Hall Undergoes Energy Efficiency Improvements

In 2011, Queen Charlotte City Community Club received a $10,000 grant from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $32,500 project. This has been a funding partnership of Queen Charlotte City Community Club and Northern Development

2012-The Village of Queen Charlotte is a community set on the south end of Graham Island between the sea and mountains of beautiful Haida Gwaii. This picturesque seaside community offers visitors and residents alike a unique opportunity for outdoor experiences as well as the comfort of many bed and breakfast establishments and a number of local eateries. A friendly, easy going place, Queen Charlotte’s residents are an assortment of loggers, artists, fishers and government employees that welcome newcomers to the community. Residents are known to encourage visitors to join them for coffee and a chat, a walk down the dock, or to attend a special function at the community hall. Located at the centre of town along the water’s edge, Queen Charlotte’s Community Hall is the hub of most major events in town throughout the year.

In 2011, the Queen Charlotte City Community Club secured funding from Northern Development’s Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program to implement significant upgrades at the community hall. The forty year old facility has undergone an integration of its original oil fired furnace system to provide the main hall with efficient heat pumps. Additional upgrades to the hall included new electrical and lighting systems that also helped this facility to be as energy efficient as possible. The club members also primed and painted the hall’s metal siding to give it a fresh new look.

"The upgrades to the Queen Charlotte Community hall have greatly improved the attractiveness and useability of the space. Up to this point we have been unable to make upgrades to the hall and with the assistance of funding from Northern Development these upgrades have become a reality.  The reality for our small organization is that we are realizing cost savings as a result of the upgrades that are enough to keep our doors open year-round and be attractive to more potential renters throughout the year."

Brian Eccles, Director, Queen Charlotte City Community Club

Positive Economic Impacts in Queen Charlotte

The many improvements the Queen Charlotte City Community Club are making to the facility are greatly improving the hall's environmental sustainability, but just as importantly for this non-profit society, the project is reducing the heating costs of the hall by 50%. The upgrade to the electrical system was necessary due to safety concerns, but also aided in reducing overhead costs. The improvements are expected to translate to cost savings of over $2,500 each year for the community club.

The costs savings and increased safety features that have been implemented enable the hall to remain open year-round. This project will help ensure that the Queen Charlotte Community Hall will continue to be the hub of weddings, auctions, dances, meetings and other major functions during the winter months in Queen Charlotte.

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