New Fitness Facility In Taylor Promotes Health Following Village On A Diet Experience

District of Taylor

2012-The rural community of Taylor in northeast BC was featured in the CBC television series 'Village on a Diet' in 2011. The series focused on the lifestyles, eating habits, and exercise regimes of Taylor residents, and provided them with the opportunity to change bad habits in three months with the help of a team of experts. The television network flew in fitness trainers, a private physician, dietician, psychologist and chef to help educate Taylor residents on how and why they needed to change their lifestyles.

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    Troy Gould
    Parks and Facilities Director
    District of Taylor

    Dean McKinley
    Director, Economic Development
    Northern Development Initiative Trust

  • In an effort to continue to battle the health and diet issues that became apparent during the series, the District of Taylor decided to provide an opportunity to community members to participate in year round exercise. With funding support from Force Four Entertainment and Northern Development, the municipality was able to promote healthy lifestyle choices by adding a fitness facility to Taylor's community hall.

    The project included constructing public washrooms with showers, purchasing and installing industrial floor tiling, as well as the installation of new lighting. The project also included the purchase of a variety of cardio machines and free weights.

    Positive Economic Impacts in Taylor

    By installing a new gym in the District of Taylor, residents no longer need to travel to Fort St. John for the use of fitness facilities. The new facility continues to encourage community members to fight obesity and is improving community health and well-being which in turn is reducing regional health costs.

    The direct economic benefit that has been created through this project is the purchase of monthly gym passes by community members. There has also been additional employment generated for instructors who teach activities such as yoga, tai chi, and kick boxing at the Facility.

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