Smithers Community Services Expands Moricetown's Supported Work and Manufacturing Centre

In 2009, Smithers Community Services Association received a $324,454 grant from Northern Development through the Community Adjustment Fund program towards this $1,076,359 project. This has been a funding partnership of Smithers Community Services Association, Northern Development, Kyah Wiget Education Society, Moricetown Band, National Crime Prevention Centre, and Office of the Wet'suwet'en

2012- The Smithers Community Services Association secured funding in 2009 from the Community Adjustment Fund to positively benefit the community of Moricetown. The Moricetown Supported Work/Manufacturing Centre project has been focused on assisting residents facing barriers to employment from the communities of Gitanmaax, Gitanyow, Gitsegukla, Glen Vowell, Hagwilget, Hazelton, Houston, New Hazelton, Old Hazelton, Kitwanga, Kispiox, Moricetown, Smithers, and Telkwa.

Under this project, the Government Canada provided a grant of $324,454 under Canada’s Economic Action Plan towards a $1.07 million expansion that enhances the Smithers Community Services Association’s ability to provide manufacturing employment opportunities. The funding has helped to cover Smithers Community Services’ operational expenses, retrofit costs at the Moricetown Supported Work and Manufacturing Centre, development and provision of life and work skills training programs, as well as equipment purchased and installation for the facility that will enable the social enterprises’s manufacturing centre to become a meaningful source of local employment and economic growth.

"Originally built by community elders, Centennial Hall in Moricetown has since been transformed into a beautiful manufacturing and training centre that has captured the imagination of the community. The renovations completed under our project have provided employment and skill building opportunities and have contributed to the economic viability of this small rural community and equally importantly have re-energized the community and cultivated a renewed sense of pride of place."

Cathryn Olmstead, Executive Director, Smithers Community Services Association

Positive Economic Impacts in Moricetown

The expansion of the Moricetown Support Work and Manufacturing Centre is ensuring continued sustainability within the local economy by providing fifty to seventy-five full and part-time jobs to regional residents. Moreover, this project has generated additional revenue for the region through its operations, providing additional economic stability to an area which has seen significant hardships due to the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic. This expansion has provided the community of Moricetown with increased social and economic vitality and is poised to remain a valued resource for the community for years to come.

Community Adjustment Fund

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