Mid-festival event grows in popularity

In 2019, Terrace Riverboat Days Society received a $2,500 grant from Northern Development through the Fabulous Festivals and Events program towards this project. This has been a funding partnership of Northern Development

Photo: Terrace Riverboat Days Society.

Terrace Riverboat Days’ movie night attracts nearly 1,000 viewers

In 2019, for the fourth consecutive year, Terrace Riverboat Days Society received $2,500 from Northern Development’s Fabulous Festivals and Events program to enhance mid-week programming for the 10-day 2019 Terrace Riverboat Days. The Trust’s grant was used by Terrace Riverboat Days Society to have a free family movie night in George Little Park, with nearly 1,000 people in attendance, more than triple the number of outdoor movie-goers in 2016.

“Receiving this funding from Northern Development has allowed the Terrace Riverboat Days Society build the mid-week program of our 10-day festival,” said Susan Bostock, 2019 President of Terrace Riverboat Days Society. “Attendance of community members and visitors has grown substantially each year since we first presented this event of a free outdoor movie. It has quickly proven to be a family favourite and we’re proud to have it as part of Terrace Riverboat Days’ repertoire.”

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