Lillooet Recreation Centre Is Modernized With New Energy Efficient Equipment

District of Lillooet

2012-The Lillooet and District Recreation Centre refurbishment project consisted of the upgrade and replacement of a wide variety of equipment throughout the recreation centre. The ice arena's condenser pump was upgraded and a new compressor motor was installed. The hot tub filtration system was also replaced increasing the general efficiency of the facility as a whole. The pool has been made more accessible through the addition of an access lift, and the whole facility has been upgraded to a high efficiency lighting system.

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    Duane Lawrence
    Director of Recreation
    District of Lillooet

    Dean McKinley
    Director, Economic Development
    Northern Development Initiative Trust

  • The Lillooet and District Recreation Centre is the only recreation centre in the Lillooet area. The centre services the community of Lillooet, Squamish-Lillooet Regional District Area B, and six First Nations communities. The continued improvement and development contributes to the overall well being of the community.

    Positive Economic Impacts in Lillooet

    The upgrades to Lillooet's recreation centre has reduced some of the costs of operation by increasing energy efficiency through modernized equipment and lighting. These energy savings will enhance the ability of the centre to maintain existing equipment, increasing the longevity of the facility.. These upgrades also make the centre more attractive, which increases the likelihood that people from outside Lillooet will visit, creating a potential for a boost in revenue for the centre.

    Keeping the Lillooet Recreation Centre working efficiently while increasing accessibility ensures that the facility will continue to serve the people of Lillooet and area well into the future.

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