Kispiox Hall Upgrade Supports the 'Biggest Little Rodeo in the West' and Music Festival

In 2009, Kispiox Valley Community Centre Association received a $30,000 grant from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $170,000 project. This has been a funding partnership of Kispiox Valley Community Centre Association, Northern Development, Regional District of Kitimat-Stikine, and Western Economic Diversification

2012-The Kispiox Valley Community Centre Association has revamped its community hall, which hosts the ‘Biggest Little Rodeo in the West‘, with the assistance of Northern Development’s Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program.

The hall is a central community gathering and event-hosting facility in the Kispiox Valley, hosting regionally significant events including the annual Kispiox Valley Rodeo in June and the Kispiox Valley Music Festival in July. The $30,000 grant funding from Northern Development has assisted with upgrade of electrical systems, washroom facilities, as well as kitchen and hallway renovations that could not previously occur because of the Community Centre Associations budget and funding constraints.

"Prior to the renovation, our much-loved hall was at the point of collapse. The Health Department was no longer able to give us permits to prepare or serve food in our kitchen. This impacted our yearly maintenance budget and threatened both the Annual Rodeo and Music Festival which both bring significant income to the Community Centre Association and the local economy. Our community now has a beautiful hall they are so proud of and that is much in demand for dances and weddings and a new annual event which will be held every fall called the 'Heart of the Valley Dinner and Auction'."

Ruth Brady, Hall Renovation Coordinator, Kispiox Valley Community Centre Association

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Positive Economic Impacts in Kispiox

The Kispiox valley hosts two of the largest entertainment events in northwest BC each year at the Kispiox Valley Community Centre. The Kispiox Valley Rodeo, 'The Biggest Little Rodeo in the West', welcomes 3,000 local and visiting spectators and participants each year who camp on the grounds, dance in the hall and partake of a pancake breakfast.

The Kispiox Valley Rodeo is an annually anticipated event that draws spectators and performers from all across the country for one weekend a year. Horses, cowboys, and contestants of all types gather here to compete in this important community occasion.

The Kispiox Valley Music Festival has gained a solid reputation as a family music festival since its formation in 1994, and offers a program of musical variety and superb hospitality. It is regarded as a one of the best music festivals in rural Canada, has been featured in the media, and has become a sought after venue for musicians to perform at. The music festival welcomes an audience of over 3,500 each year.

The hall is crucial to the success of both of these annual events and the facility improvements will help sustain and generate increased tourism revenue for the community and the Kispiox Valley.

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