Kersley Players Celebrates 25th Anniversary With Expanded Theatre Venue

In 2007, Kersley Community Association received a $30,000 grant from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $283,883 project. This has been a funding partnership of Kersley Community Association, Northern Development, Cariboo Regional District, and Union of BC Municipalities

2012- The Kersley Players can now provide year-round entertainment with their highly regarded shows. With financial support from Northern Development, the Kersley Hall has been expanded in order to enhance the ability of the theatre group to develop and stage theatrical productions.

The Kersley Players was formed in 1987 and will be celebrating their 25th anniversary next year. Highly unique, this group only performs original plays written locally. They are active participants in Theatre BC and have won over thirty awards in provincial drama competitions.

The expansion allows for a significant increase in production values for the annual shows. The Kersley Hall Expansion Project resulted in a sixteen foot addition to the east end of the current building. The expansion increased the depth of the stage by four feet, added dressing rooms to the north and south sides of the stage, increased wing area on the south side, made a washroom accessible from backstage and provided a rehearsal space behind the stage. It also included an addition of an outside accessible washroom made with concrete block, meant to be independent from the rest of the hall for users of the adjacent community park and nearby softball field.

Positive Economic Impacts in Kersley

The Kersley Players continue to benefit the local economy every year. They support local businesses by buying their props, costumes, and other materials needed for the development of their annual productions locally.

The Kersley Players contribute to local community groups by having them provide dinner for the Player's dinner theatre productions. Since they started their dinner theatre in 1991, the Players have given approximately 60,000 to these groups for catering the dinner theatres.

Community Halls and Recreation Facilities

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