Hudson’s Hope Saves Energy By Integrating Solar Technology At The Community Pool

District of Hudson

2012-In 2008, the District of Hudson's Hope underwent a facility energy audit which was a critical part of the District's long term plan of reducing its carbon footprint. The District's outdoor swimming pool was audited and it was recommended that to reduce the heating costs and carbon footprint of the pool solar, heating should be installed in the facility. At the time, the community's outdoor swimming pool was heated with a natural gas fueld boiler.

In 2010, the District of Hudson's Hope proceeded with installing solar heating at the community pool in partnership with Northern Development and Solar BC. The project involved the installation of solar panels on the roof of the existing pool building which will provide heat for the pool.

"Without the heating system in place, I expect that the total cost of heating the pool would have been approximately double what it was with the solar panels."

Terry Webster, Counsellor, District of Hudson's Hope

Positive Economic Impacts in Hudson's Hope

The District of Hudson's Hope solar heating system supplies eighty per cent of the pool's energy requirements and has ensured a constant source of heat for the pool. The project has reduced heating costs for the District with substantial annual cost savings of approximately nine percent in the first year.

Projected savings are expected to be much greater in future years, but due to the weather they were lower than expected in the first year. The project has contributed to the District's long term initiative of reducing its carbon footprint by almost entirely eliminating the pool's previous heating system which was reliant on natural gas.

The solar heating project also raised awareness of the pool which has resulted in an increase in facility use and generally enhanced the attractiveness of the community to potential residents.