Historic Round Lake Hall In Quick, BC Is Renovated By A Team Of Committed Community Volunteers

In 2008, Round Lake Community Association received a $20,000 grant and a $25,000 loan from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $260,264 project. This has been a funding partnership of Round Lake Community Association, Northern Development, BC Gaming, Bulkley Valley Community Foundation, Bulkley Valley Credit Union, Human Resources and Skills Development Canada, Measuring Up the North, and Regional District of Bulkley-Nechako

Round Lake Hall has been an important community gathering place for weddings, parties, farmers’ markets, and community events since it was built by volunteers in 1920. With funding support from Northern Development, Round Lake Hall has received grant and loan funding to complete renovations, allowing it to host events that bring people to this rural community in the heart of the Bulkley Valley.

The project has resulted in major upgrades, improving the building and allowing it to once again be the heart of the community. Improvements were made to the structure of the building, foundation, plumbing, heating and ventilation, electrical system, kitchen, and flooring. A new roof to cover the front entrance of the facility was built. The hall and washrooms were made wheel chair accessible.

In April of 2009, Round Lake Hall had its grand reopening which drew over 300 community members who enjoyed the speeches from community pioneers and local government officials, and live music that entertained the bustling crowd. Since opening, it has been used to host weddings, quilting groups, fund raisers, sing songs, harvest suppers, school parties, play days for children and parents plus many other events.

"Every Monday morning for the past ten months, Round Lake Hall has been the location of a very successful Play Group for children and their parents. Round Lake Hall lends itself perfectly to the nature of this community initiative. A large, open community space allows children and parents to come together in a neutral place for free play."

Tara Strauss, Coordinator, Round Lake Play Group

"Quick is one of the largest 4-H clubs in the province - having registered 50 members and 14 leaders this year. Round Lake Hall is in a central location for many of us which makes it convenient for many of our meetings and other functions such as club and district public speaking and demonstration competitions. We also enjoy the use of it for recreational get togethers such as ice skating parties in the winter and lake days with barbecues in the summer."

Dale Harris, Leader, Quick Community 4-H Club

"We find the improvements to the kitchen and the addition of indoor washrooms make the hall a much more pleasant and useful space. Having worked on the renovation crew myself, I know how much work went into the project and it makes me doubly appreciate it when we can use it for our club. The community has really pulled together to make the project a reality and now it is living up to its potential as a beautiful and useful center for all users."

Dale Harris, Leader, Quick Community 4-H Club

"The kitchen allows parents to make tea and coffee, and share homemade treats, and the new washrooms are convenient for children and parents alike. Round Lake Hall Play Days have given families a sense of community, responsibility and possibility. We all cherish the Hall and the community it serves."

Tara Strauss, Coordinator, Round Lake Play Group

Positive Economic Impacts in Round Lake

These improvements to the facility have allowed the Hall to increase the numbers and types of events it hosts, improving business revenue. Markets and craft sales bring additional revenue to local farms and home-based businesses.

In 2007, before the renovations, there were four rentals; in 2008 there were two. Renovations completed in 2009, resulted in over 30 rentals. The hall has fast become the home of the local 4-H club that meets throughout the year. It hosts events that bring out everyone in the community such as concerts, historical story- telling, and quilting. The hall was also chosen as retreat location for a local business group.

The Round Lake Hall has been a success in not only attracting people and community groups, but also re-energizing the community itself.

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