Forest Grove Lions Club hurries hard to save local curling club

In 2013, the Forest Grove ’94 Lions Club received a $30,000 grant and a $15,000 loan from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $130,000 project. This has been a funding partnership of Northern Development and Forest Grove ’94 Lions Club

Cariboo curlers are dusting off their brooms and readying their rocks to test out the refurbished rink in Forest Grove. In 2013, Northern Development provided a $45,000 grant to the Lions Club in Forest Grove to replace the curling rink’s ice machine with a new, environmentally friendly and energy efficient system to ensure the hammer is ready to slide at every bonspiel held in the community. Located just off Highway 97 near 100 Mile House, Forest Grove is a small rural community where the local curling club has been a gathering place for residents for more than 60 years. The Forest Grove 94 Lions Club jumped into action when the ice system failed, rallying local residents and organizations to access funding to support the facility. Northern Development’s grant was approved through the Trust’s Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program, which has provided funding to other curling rinks and recreation facilities throughout central and northern B.C. The project totalled $130,000, which is a major investment for the community. The curling rink was restored to fully functional condition, and locals were able to resume playing after more than four years of inactivity.

The Forest Grove 94 Lions Club tells us, “active curling and spectators has increased visits to the community hall and reinvigorated the community centre. We have 32 paid curlers and have had one external group rent the facility for a group event and we expect a bonspiel event at the end of our first season.”

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