Dawson Creek Positioned to Generate Wind Turbine Manufacturing And Assembly Opportunities

In 2008, City of Dawson Creek received a $9,525 grant from Northern Development towards this $19,050 project. This has been a funding partnership of City of Dawson Creek and Northern Development

2012 – Dawson Creek and the surrounding area has some of the best wind energy production potential in Canada. For example, the $190 million Bear Mountain Wind Park outside of Dawson Creek has been awarded a power purchase contract with BC Hydro. The region has at least six other major wind power sites that have been identified and are under investigation for development. Dawson Creek has built expertise in wind farm construction, maintenance, and operation through trailblazing the way to being community most connected to windfarms in BC.

The community of Dawson Creek has developed an identity as a sustainable community. The community has received awards for demonstrating a strong commitment to renewable energy projects and has shown tangible results in conservation, solar, wind and recycling. Under this project, Dawson Creek has utilized Northern Development funding support to attract a wind energy manufacturing or assembly companies to its community by showcasing that Dawson Creek has the assets to meet the needs of wind turbine manufacturers.

"The development of the Bear Mountain Wind Park, the first wind project in British Columbia, has been an amazing asset for the City of Dawson Creek. It has not only put us on the map for continuing to support green technology, and alternative energies, but it has proven that we are willing to reach out as a community and embrace change. As wind technology continues to advance, and more companies are willing to invest in these projects, Dawson Creek is perfectly situated to be able to support this growing industry."

Mike Bernier, Mayor, City of Dawson Creek

"The manufacturing of wind turbines, close to the market in which they will be used, will not only be cost effective for the developers, but will help promote the local communities, through employment and investment, and will continue sending a positive message to the industry that this is a welcome business in the area. With help from Northern Development, the City of Dawson Creek is confident that we have made a solid business case to encourage further investment in developing and building wind towers and turbines in our city."

Mike Bernier, Mayor, City of Dawson Creek

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Positive Economic Impacts in Dawson Creek

Wind turbines are massive structures that have to utilize two railway box cars in order to be transported, making the delivery of turbine components challenging. In addition, transportation costs associated with turbine delivery to site can be prohibitive to the production of a wind farm. As a result, it makes economic sense to assemble and manufacture turbines as close to the installation site as possible.

Having a wind turbine manufacturing plant in northeast British Columbia would promote province-wide sustainability of renewable, clean power. This project could be a positive step in demonstrating British Columbia's commitment to reducing our carbon footprint and building our green economy.

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