Cache Creek's Community Hall Can Now Host Large Events

In 2011, Village of Cache Creek received a $30,000 grant from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $237,880 project. This has been a funding partnership of Northern Development Initiative Trust, Northern Development, and Village of Cache Creek

2012 – The Cache Creek Community Hall has undergone a major update to it’s basement with funding assistance from Northern Development. The project involved building interior walls to form a more efficient space for events, storage and offices. Prior to the renovations, there was no space available in Cache Creek to host large groups. With the completion of the renovations a the community hall,  the facility is now capable of hosting both larger groups of eighty to one-hundred people, and smaller groups of forty to fifty people by utilizing an operable wall that divides the large meeting room in half.

"The Cache Creek Community Hall is an central facility in our community. By renovating the hall, residents of Cache Creek will be able to host larger events, and continue to enjoy gatherings that take place there for many years to come."

Councillor Darrell Rawcliffe, Chair of the Community Recreation Facilities Committee, Village of Cache Creek

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Positive Economic Impacts in Cache Creek

By increasing the size and availability of space available for community meetings, training and events, the community hall is able to more effectively accommodate existing and new user groups, and has the potential to generate additional revenue. There is expected to be substantial demand for the new space which will bring in rent revenue on a regular basis. The renovations provided temporary jobs to thirteen people, one permanent part-time position, and one seasonal position, and there is also an indirect benefit to the local hospitality industry since more events are being held in the space.

A community hall is an integral part of any community, and by renovating and increasing the space available, more events can take place there adding to the sense of community in Cache Creek. The hall renovations and additional activities that can be accommodated contribute to a vibrant and active community which can assist in attracting new families to the area.

Community Halls and Recreation Facilities

The Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program is no longer available.

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