Ashcroft Modernizes Its Forty Year Old Public Tennis Court Facilities

In 2009, Ashcroft & District Tennis Association, The received a $20,130 grant from Northern Development through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program towards this $64,844 project. This has been a funding partnership of Ashcroft & District Tennis Association, Northern Development, Recreation Infrastructure Canada, and School District No. 74 (Gold Trail)

2012 – Ashcroft’s tennis courts were originally built in 1972 and refurbished once in 1991 and again in 2010. The tennis courts have been a valuable recreation facility in Ashcroft for almost four decades and their refurbishment in 2010 was an important initiative for the municipality to support community clubs and fitness within the community.

Under this project, the court surfaces were completely reworked, all cracks were filled in, the surface was levelled, and sportgrid tiles were installed. The nets and posts were all replaced as well, making the courts just like they were brand new.

The upgrades bring the facility to a level that meets safety and regulatory requirements, opening the door for Ashcroft to host tennis lessons for youth, summer camps, support for school programs, as well as increasing the number of tournaments held in the community throughout the year.

Following completion of this project, the tennis courts are expected to last twenty five to thirty years before any new refurbishment is necessary, extending the life of the facility considerably and ensuring that the courts will continue to play an important role in Ashcroft for years to come.

"Without the support of Western Economic Diversification and Northern Development, Ashcroft and the surrounding communities would have lost an important facility that is now ensured to help healthy life style initiatives for the betterment of mental and physical health for all ages."

Maria Russell Martin, President, Ashcroft and District Tennis Association

Positive Economic Impacts in Ashcroft

The improvements made to the tennis courts in Ashcroft allow the community to host a wide variety of tennis related events, from summer tennis camps for children to regional tournaments. This facility will draw people from the surrounding region into the town for the variety of events the courts can support. Businesses throughout the town will benefit as these visitors will frequent shops around the town. The sportgrid upgrade to the facility requires very limited maintenance and is coupled with a long lifespan making the courts a secure investment. The court facility has provided local jobs during the restoration period, but will also sustain operating jobs within the School District #74. During the operation of summer camps or tournaments, additional positions will be created to run the events contributing additional jobs to the local economy.

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