All-Wood Boosts Growth in the Developing Wood Fibre Processing and Residuals Sector

In 2009, All-Wood Fibre Ltd. invested $3,080,369 to expand operations in Prince George, creating 8 new jobs that were supported through an $80,000 training incentive from the Capital Investment and Training Rebate. This has been a funding partnership of All-Wood Fibre Ltd. and Northern Development

2012- Evolving from a second-generation logging heritage, All-Wood Fibre was formed in 1994, quickly becoming one of the leading portable chipping companies in Western Canada. The company has since expanded to cover all aspects of fibre procurement, including forestry availability and economics, logging, residual retrieval, logistics and fibre processing. All-Wood Fibre has a dedicated fleet, including state-of-the-art portable grinders and chippers, and provides services for major forest products, logging, lumber, pulp and paper, and bioenergy companies.

All-Wood Fibre utilized Northern Development’s Capital Investment and Training Rebate program in 2009 to quickly train new employees, who’s positions were created as a result of All-Wood Fibre acquiring new productivity equipment as the company expanded the depth and breadth of service being offered to their customers. Through this expansion, the company invested approximately $3 million to purchase vital pieces of equipment including shuffle floor trailers, truck trailers, a wheel loader, grinders, and a Butt N Top Grapple loader.

"All-Wood Fibre recognizes the potential to utilize pine beetle infested wood throughout the region to provide fibre to the expanding bio-energy industry. Northern Development is recognizing the value of this industry sector to the economic growth and diversification of our communities in central and northern British Columbia through the Capital Investment and Training Rebate program."

Bruce Sutherland, former Chair, Northern Development Initiative Trust

"With Northern Development's training and equipment support, we can increase our production and further integrate supply planning, procurement and logistics into All-Wood's suite of products and services."

Leonard Legault, President and Chief Executive Officer, All-Wood Fibre Ltd.

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Positive Economic Impacts in Prince George

Not only has this project been able to increase the ability for All-Wood to provide quality service for its clients, but the new capital expenditure also included employee training programs, and added eight new full-time positions. This investment project by All-Wood is providing stability and sustainability for the region by promoting growth and expansion in the wood processing sector. The expansion has increased their capacity to grind, chip and process fibre to supply the bio-energy sector in order to meet the increased demand in areas of central and northern British Columbia heavily impacted by the Mountain Pine Beetle epidemic. All-Wood has also been able to further integrate supply planning, procurement and logistics into their suite of product services, and plans to continue expanding in the future.

Capital Investment and Training Rebate

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