New Intake Structure

Q1) Will Northern Development go back to a quarterly intake at some point?

There is no plan to return to a quarterly intake structure, however, staff will continue to review and assess the application process.

Q2) What are the opening and closing dates of the new intake structure? 

Dates or the new intake structure will remain consistent on an annual basis and will be January 31, April 30 and July 31.

Q3) What programs are part of the new intake structure?

The new intake structure will take affect for the Trust’s community development suite of programs – Recreation Infrastructure, Cultural Infrastructure, Economic Infrastructure, Main Street Revitalization Planning, Main Street Revitalization Capital, Northern Housing Incentive, Community Places, Marketing Initiatives

Q4) What programs are not a part of the new intake structure?

Programs unaffected by the new intake structure include the Trust’s annual capacity building programs – Economic Development Capacity Building, Grant Writing Support, Internships – and business development programs – Competitiveness Consulting Rebate, Small Business Recovery Consulting Rebate, Northern Industries Innovation Fund. The Fabulous Festivals and Events and Business Façade Improvement programs are also not impacted by the new intake structure.

Q5) Does the new intake structure impact on the amount of funding provided?

The new intake structure will not change or impact granting amounts or leveraging limits for the programs.