Grant Writing Support

Program Overview

The Grant Writing Support program provides up to $8,000 in rebate funding each year to support the employment of a locally based grant writer. The funding is provided to local governments and First Nations bands in the Trust’s service region.

Eligible grant writers must prepare funding applications to agencies, foundations and government programs, and must be under the direct supervision of a local or band government employee or designate.

The Trust provides a total of $432,000 in annual rebate funding to support grant writing positions across central and northern B.C. each year.

Features and benefits of the program include:

  • The rebate covers up to 76% of a grant writer’s wages for a minimum of 400 hours of employment for a grant writer position based in the local community each year.
  • The program creates additional capacity to assist local non-profits with grant application research and writing and to pursue community funding priorities.
  • The program increases a community’s or non-profit group’s success accessing financial grants to pursue its strategic priorities.
  • Grant funding support generates increased economic development capacity for local governments and First Nations.
  • Northern Development provides timely response to funding applications and rebate claims for communities and non-profits that wish to access funding through the program.
  • Interactive web-based grant writing training is available on-demand from Northern Development’s website to assist new grant writers throughout the region. The Trust also provides community grant writing workshops on an on-demand basis.


To help the communities and non-profit agencies of central and northern B.C. access more funding dollars to support crucial economic development projects and initiatives throughout the region

Apply for funding

Prior to submitting an application for funding, please review the application guide and following documents in detail.  Please note that only complete application forms will be accepted.

Complete application forms with all required attachments should be provided electronically to Northern Development by email. Email:

Annual project reporting

Local governments or First Nations bands who have been approved for grant writing support funding for the previous year must submit complete reporting to Northern Development prior to January 31st.

Please contact Northern Development staff to discuss your project in further detail.

Phone : (250) 561-2525