Connecting British Columbia

Program Overview

The Connecting British Columbia Program is a province-wide program administered by Northern Development Initiative Trust (Northern Development) and is available to all eligible applicants.

Program Purpose

The Connecting British Columbia Program is a multi-year program. It helps to pay for infrastructure required to deliver high-speed internet connectivity at speeds to at least 5 Mbps down and 1 Mbps up to homes and businesses in rural and remote locales of British Columbia.

The high cost of last mile infrastructure has been identified by communities, regional Internet service providers, community champions and advocates as one of the key barriers to expanding service to citizens in and around rural and remote communities in British Columbia. The Connecting British Columbia Program was created by the Province to enable connectivity to more citizens in more parts of British Columbia to meet the goal of 100% connectivity before 2021. This program is the latest in a series of initiatives to connect British Columbians.

Funding Available

Northern Development will provide grants to eligible applicants, which best meet the program criteria to expand Internet service to more British Columbians in rural and remote areas. An individual locale will only be funded once and priority will be given to proposals with contributions, financial or monetized donations, that is secured or approved in principle. Strong preference is given to projects requiring 50% (or less) funding.

Application Timing

The Connecting British Columbia Program is a multi-year initiative. Applications will be reviewed as received, and funding decisions will be made at the discretion of the funder until the program budget is exhausted.

Contact Information

For program enquiries contact:

Northern Development Initiative Trust
301-1268 Fifth Avenue, Prince George BC V2L 3L2 Canada