People power: Building capacity in Northern B.C.

September 28, 2016

2016-09-29 lede story photo

Northern Development Initiative Trust was built on a foundation of people coming together to make the region stronger. By pooling resources and managing them collectively to build capacity, the region has been supported in its efforts to grow a resilient and diverse economy. As said by the Premier during the creation of the Trust, “the best economic development decisions for the North should be made in the North.”

Leaders from across the region empower the Trust to develop programs that build a stronger north. When communities come together to make decisions and respond to the needs and goals of the region, incredible things happen.

This region is known for the strength, resiliency and vision of its residents, but sometimes resources are needed to see that vision implemented. Trust programs such as the Economic Development and Local Government Internships, Grant Writing Support, Economic Development Capacity Building and Community Foundation Matching Grants are designed to give the extra boost needed to empower the region to fulfil its vision for a strong and diverse economy.