Application deadlines for Internship programs announced

November 17, 2020

Host governments need to apply by January 8 and potential interns need to apply by February 12

Northern Development’s Local Government and First Nations Government Internship programs supports Northern B.C. communities by increasing their capacity while welcoming recent graduates into the world of local or First Nations government.

Offered annually, these two programs place skilled people in communities throughout Northern Development’s service region to benefit both the host community and the intern. This valuable work experience provides young professionals with many opportunities while enjoying Northern B.C.’s unique lifestyle.

“The Local Government Management Internship program provided by Northern Development has consistently filled a gap and need for local government capacity building over the last several years. Hosting an intern this past few months has provided the additional capacity needed in my department, as well as provided for a unique learning experience for our intern. As a previous intern in the program, I can share the experiences and opportunities that have shaped my career to benefit my mentee to reach their career aspirations. In addition, understanding the unique challenges of this internship through my experience has also provided additional support for our intern this year. This program provides for unique skills development in local government management which has distinctively proven to provide for the foundational skillset of local government leaders.”
Jessica Bagnall, Corporate Officer – North Coast Regional District and Local Government Internship mentor

The deadline for First Nations or local governments to apply to host an intern is January 8, 2021.
Visit the First Nations Government Internship or Local Government Internship page to learn more and to download an application form.

“I applied to the internship to hopefully be selected by my own band, Williams Lake First Nation, to learn about First Nation governance in a community that means a lot to me. The highlights for me have been the breadth of opportunities that the band has provided me from coping with emergency situations to being a community liaison for companies that we are currently working with. Looking forward I am excited to be involved in our economic development initiatives in the cannabis industry which pose difficult intergovernmental problems. I am grateful to the Williams Lake First Nation for the opportunity to further my career in my home community. I would advise anyone that is thinking of joining this program to pursue it because of the opportunity to learn from knowledgeable mentors and building a network of like-minded professionals that are able to assist you now and in the future.”

– Dylan Sellars, 2020-2021 First Nations Government Intern, Williams Lake First Nation

The deadline for recent post-secondary students to apply to be an intern through either the Local Government or First Nations Government internship program is February 12, 2021.
Visit the First Nations Government Internship or Local Government Internship page to learn more and to download an application form.