Kitimat Chamber ‘amps’ up Heritage Park

May 9, 2023

A timber amphitheatre in Kitimat’s Heritage Park has quickly become an essential facility for hosting events at the park. Located near the entrance to Kitimat and on the same property as the Kitimat Visitor Centre and Chamber of Commerce, the addition of an attractive structure has provided space for additional events and travelers to spend time in the community.

“Kitimat was in need of an outdoor covered space for summer music events, theatre performances, visual arts and so much more,” said Laurel D’Andrea, executive director, Kitmat Chamber of Commerce, upon the project’s completion. “The possibilities that will happen because of this beautiful structure will be endless. Anytime you can create a space for people to enjoy both the outdoors and art it’s a win-win situation.”

All photos: Kitimat Chamber of Commerce via Facebook

Building the amphitheatre is one of the tactics the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce is using to increase visitation to their community. The Chamber projects that events hosted at the amphitheatre will attract visitors from other northern communities and provide additional reasons for tourists to extend their stay in Kitimat. The $64,640 project is expected to generate extra income and tax dollars to the local economy while also supporting economic diversification in the area.

The Kitimat Chamber of Commerce hopes to activate the new facility in a variety of ways, including hosting theatre, music and art in the park. These events will support local artists by providing a venue to reach a broader audience and to sell their products. Simultaneously, these events will also increase the livability of Kitimat as a community.

Record keeping during the Kitimat Fish Derby at the amphitheatre.

In March 2019, Northern Development committed $30,000 to the Kitimat Chamber of Commerce for this construction project through the former Community Halls and Recreation Facilities funding program. In September 2020 this program was retired. Today, projects such as the Heritage Park Amphitheatre Construction would be eligible for up to $30,000 through the Community Places funding program.