Welcome to the new Building a Stronger North newsletter

March 5, 2014

Welcome to the first edition of Northern Development’s completely re-designed Building a Stronger North newsletter.

Since 2012, we’ve been sharing stories with you in print and online about the Trust’s funding projects and commitment to supporting economic diversification throughout central and northern B.C. While we were proud of the stories we shared, we realized there existed a much greater opportunity to share the wider economic story about the region we loved across a multitude of mediums. Our first goal is to deliver compelling content to your inbox, mobile phone, tablet and desktop computer once a month – we fundamentally believe that the better the content that we produce, the more readers we’ll have. Second, our newsletter is now digital only – you won’t find Building a Stronger North delivered to your doorstep anymore. And, finally, Building a Stronger North is where we’ll be breaking news about the Trust – our funding announcements, program changes and everything else.

In other words, we want Building a Stronger North to be your go to source for the latest news and information about Northern Development and the economic story of our region.

That’s why our content mix will include:

• A monthly infographic that’s presents compelling data about our region in a fun and interesting way – and we want you to share that graphic through your social networks

• Funding program videos that highlight economic development success stories

• Links to recent news articles about economic growth in northern B.C.

• Quick facts that can be shared across social media channels;

• A monthly Q&A with economic development and community leaders in our region; and

• A variety of short stories about the Trust’s programs and funding approvals.

We hope you enjoy our updated newsletter, and we encourage you to contact us with any comments or questions you may have.