Northern Development chips in for multiple improvements to Mackenzie Golf and Country Club

July 30, 2021

All photos: Northern Development

In “fore” years, Northern Development has approved over $88,250 in grant funding for upgrades to equipment and facilities at the Mackenzie Golf and Country Club (MGCC). Since the first grant was approved in 2017, approximately $130,000 in strategic projects has been completed at Mackenzie’s only golf facility.

“These grants have made a huge difference to the MGCC,” said Darrell Lavoie, president, MGCC. “The external funding has placed us in a much better position to serve the community with a quality golf course that provides a satisfying experience to resident and visiting golfers.”

The projects have created tangible benefits for MGCC, attracting new users and generating increased revenue. After completing their roofing project in 2018 with the support of a grant from Northern Development, the Mackenzie Nordiques rented the clubhouse for the winter, earning revenue for the MGCC in their off-season.

All five of MGCC’s grant applications have been prepared by Adele Barnes, MGCC’s fundraising coordinator. As an approachable funder, Northern Development staff have worked with Barnes to help ensure MGCC’s proposed projects are eligible for Northern Development funding programs.

“You have been very helpful in showing me how to prepare the application and final documentation at the end of the projects,” said Barnes. “Throughout, your friendly, considerate attitude has made it a pleasure to work with you. Thank you for your professional service to MGCC and to Mackenzie.”

Funding for MGCC has been through the Trust’s former Community Halls and Recreation Facilities grant program. This program was retired in September 2020 and replaced with the new Recreation Infrastructure grant program. Applicants now have more flexibility in grant amounts as either $100,000 to a maximum of 70 per cent for upgrades or repairs to an existing facility or up to $300,000 to a maximum of 50 per cent for new construction and/or substantial upgrades to existing facilities is now available.