Facility upgrades and fleet expansion links Smithers Golf and Country Club to success

July 30, 2021

Smithers Golf and Country Club.
All photos: Smithers Golf and Country Club

In the Bulkley Valley, Smithers Golf and Country Club’s (SGCC) mission is to provide affordable and enjoyable recreation to club members and the public. They also play an important social role by hosting fundraisers, parties and other gatherings in a large venue with food service abilities.

In 2016, Northern Development approved a $28,240 grant for SGCC to assist with the costs of critical upgrades to their kitchen and bar. Food services generate approximately 30 per cent of the club’s revenue, and the project focused on repairing and replacing equipment that was failing or aging. Additionally, approximately 25 seasonal jobs would be directly lost if the restaurant and bar were no longer operational.

This project received strong letters of support from the Gitxsan Hereditary Chiefs and Wet’suwet’en Hereditary Chiefs as both recognize the vital role the SGCC plays in supporting the health and well-being of their members living in the area and both host annual tournaments as important social events.

“The kitchen and bar upgrades were a spectacular success for the club,” said John Howard, past president, SGCC. “We increased our membership and feel that the project helped us turn a corner to economic growth, which we continue to experience as we hold several successful tournaments that draw golfers from across B.C.”

The completed project was a pivotal grant for SGCC as it facilitated a new business partnership with Noir Food Services, resulting in high quality restaurant and bar services to the general public and members.

As SGCC hosted more tournaments, they realized their golf cart fleet was too small to accommodate all the tournament participants. To remedy this, SGCC successfully applied for a $13,667 grant in 2019 to purchase five new-to-them golf carts. By growing their rental fleet, tournament participants are likely to have a better experience on the course and SGCC has opportunity to earn more revenue through cart rentals.

“The SGCC has experienced an increase in base operating revenue resulting from the grant to support the purchase of five golf carts to complete our fleet,” continued Howard. “The SGCC is in a positive operational position today as a result of the partnership with Northern Development. Thank you, NDIT!”

Supplementing their rental fleet also allows more people to enjoy the physical and social aspects of golfing at SGCC even if they are not able to walk the full nine or 18 holes. This makes the sport and facility more accessible and welcoming, increasing the quality of life for those living in the Bulkley Valley and surrounding areas.