New Bridge Connects Clinton to Wells

March 1, 2016

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Through the Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program, The Trust granted $30,000 to the Wells Snowmobile Club to improve on an existing trail with the construction of the Blair Street Bridge.

The bridge serves as the main entrance to a large snowmobile trail network in the Wells area and is the entry point to the Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail. The Gold Rush Snowmobile Trail is located in south-central British Columbia, extending from the Village of Clinton to the District of Wells. It is approximately 463 kilometres in length incorporating the communities of 70 Mile House, 100 Mile House, Horsefly and Likely.

This project also facilitates safe crossing for all users across the Willow River. The Blair Street bridge replaced two pre-existing bridges, one of which was in severe disrepair. Improving accessibility to this network brings in tourists for outdoor activities in every season.

(Photo credit: Geoff Moore)