Northern Development approves over $200,000 for economic development projects in McBride and Hudson’s Hope

February 24, 2020


Northern Development Initiative Trust today announced the approved funding of two projects under the Strategic Initiatives Fund (SIF) program.

$144,000 was approved for the District of Hudson’s Hope for a “Light Industrial Subdivision Plan.” The overall goal of the project is to replace industrial lands that will be lost as a result of the Site C project, while providing an increase in both direct and indirect economic opportunities within the District.

The proposed industrial subdivision is located west of Highway 29 and will include 13 fully serviced lots with a centralized access road off the highway. Opportunities within this type of subdivision can range from automobile sales and services, breweries, commercial storage, laboratories and research establishments, machine and welding shops, nurseries or greenhouses, supply and service businesses, processing facilities, recycling depots and other related businesses.

$71,720 was approved for the Village of McBride for its Strategic Forest Sector Enhancement and Expansion Plan.

This project will determine a long-term fibre supply for the Robson Valley region from Albreda, through Tete-Jaune, Dunster, McBride, Crescent Spur, and Dome Creek including the McBride Community Forest Corporation (MCFC) footprint and private land, as well as crown land to the northwest known as Prince George East. Using innovative digital vegetation inventory data collection and mapping tools, the project will improve regional capacity for timber production and provide additional opportunities for local and regional forest sector employment. The Strategic Forest Sector Enhancement and Expansion Plan will result in a more responsible and accountable forest management approach leading to a sustainable and long-term regional fibre supply and resiliency within the regional forest sector.


Dave Heiberg, Mayor, District of Hudson’s Hope
“The Strategic Initiatives Fund will be utilized towards the development of the District’s Light Industrial subdivision to help ensure the District has industrial lands available to replace those that will be impacted as a result of the construction of Site C.  Once fully developed, the subdivision will provide opportunities for new industries and outside investment in the Peace region and more specifically, the community of Hudson’s Hope.”

Eugene Runtz, Mayor, Village of McBride
“The project is aligned with the Village of McBride’s economic development action plan goals to build capacity in the forestry sector and McBride Community Forest goals to serve the social, economic and environmental needs of the community. Forestry has been the backbone of the regional economy for many decades and this project will provide a strategic path forward for the revitalization and enhancement of the forestry sector in the region.”

Joel McKay, CEO, Northern Development Initiative Trust
“It is fantastic to see both McBride and Hudson’s Hope take advantage of our Strategic Initiatives Fund grant program. This specialized program really encourages communities to think outside the box in terms of economic development and transformation. Both of these projects are very much strategic in nature and support long-term sustainability.”


Media Contact
Holly Plato
Director, Communications and Marketing
Northern Development Initiative Trust