June 08

Internet providers can apply early for B.C. grant program

Internet service providers can submit their applications for project funding starting today for the upcoming Connecting British Columbia program. Submissions will be accepted by Northern Development Initiative Trust now in advance of the program’s launch later this summer…

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May 07

Community halls and recreation facilities can now access funding multiple times from Northern Development

Community halls and recreation facilities can now receive up to $30,000 in funding multiple times from Northern Development. In the past, proponents and facilities could only access the maximum $30,000 grant from Northern Development’s Community Halls and Recreation Facilities program once per facility. But, in recognition of Northern Development’s 10th anniversary in 2015, the Trust’s board of directors voted unanimously at its most recent meeting to alter the program and make it available on a continual basis to halls and facilities that …

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May 04

Boat launch and marketing funding will support recovery efforts in Likely and other grant approvals

Northern Development has approved a $30,000 grant to upgrade the boat launch and shower house at Cedar Point Provincial Park in the community of Likely. The grant was approved through the Trust’s Community Halls and Recreation Facilities funding program, and is part of the economic development recovery efforts underway to support the community following the tailings pond breach at the Mount Polley Mine. The boat launch upgrade will make it easier for visitors and campers to launch from Cedar Point, …

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April 01

Northern Development funding boosts North Coast marine tourism and other news

Favourable winds are blowing for marine tourism along B.C.’s North Coast this year as two projects get underway that will help diversify the local economy. A major boat launch upgrade in Queen Charlotte and a marine ocean boating tourism marketing initiative will provide new incentives and infrastructure for boating and sailing enthusiasts keen on exploring B.C.’s world-class Inside Passage, North Coast and Haida Gwaii. Northern Development has approved $270,000 in grant funding to support both projects: $250,000 for the Village …

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March 23

Northern Development has approved $30,000 in funding for the Wells Community building and other news

Wells – Northern Development Initiative Trust has approved $30,000 in funding for the District of Wells to begin improvements on the Wells Community building. This project will include repairing old plumbing, modifying existing rooms, replacing end windows, and retrofitting existing lighting with energy efficient lighting. These upgrades could increase the value of the building, help attract new residents by making Wells a more attractive community, create a number of indirect full-time jobs, increase tourism, and ensure that residents continue to …

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March 18

Northern Development has approved $30,000 in funding to build two speedball fields and other news

Quesnel – Northern Development has approved $9,448 in funding for the Northern Strike Paintball Association to build two speedball paintball fields in Quesnel. The proposed project includes leveling a 400’ x 150’ playing field, removing stumps and clearing brush left from a logging operation. The Northern Strike Paintball Association hosts numerous tournaments and events throughout the year and attracts paintball enthusiasts and competitive teams from throughout British Columbia. The addition of speedball fields is designed to compliment and enhance the …

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Holly Plato
Director, Communications and Marketing
Northern Development Initiative Trust