Supply Chain Connector

The Supply Chain Connector is an industrial supply and service database of businesses located in central and northern British Columbia. In preparation for the more than $70 billion in industrial projects planned for the region, the Supply Chain Connector will help major industry, communities and government procurement offices quickly locate local businesses to help them build major projects.

The procurement of local supplies and services is critical to the success of industries investing in northern British Columbia. The Supply Chain Connector makes it quick and easy for project proponents to search and identify local expertise they need to build the mines, mills, roads, transmission lines and municipal projects such as hospitals planned for the next two decades.

Local businesses – and only business located in central and northern B.C. (see map) – may register online in the Supply Chain Connector database. There is no cost to register. Businesses that have registered with the Supply Chain Connector database can update their business information at any time and are expected to keep their information up-to-date. The database will be maintained and monitored annually to ensure that business information stays current.

The Supply Chain Connector is a free, public database available for use to major project proponents, businesses and the public at large.

Northern Development Initiative Trust and local economic development offices throughout the region have collaborated with major industries to develop a user-friendly database to track down and engage locally qualified supply and service companies. The Supply Chain Connector will help drive more local business activity and generate new jobs and income for the region.