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The following is a list of programs which contain information about opportunities available to businesses in B.C. Certain incentives target particular industries. British Columbia’s tax incentives are provided as “entitlements” – they do not have to be negotiated – and are available equally to all eligible businesses for qualifying activities. Federal government incentives are also available that mirror provincial measures in many cases.

Business Credit Availability Program

In Budget 2009, the Government announced the launch of the Extraordinary Financing Framework (EFF). The Business Credit Availability Program (BCAP) is one element of the EFF, dedicated to improving access to financing for Canadian businesses by providing new resources and flexibilities to Export Development Canada (EDC) and the Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC). Through this program, EDC and BDC will provide at least $5 billion in direct lending and other types of support and facilitation at market rates to businesses with viable business models whose access to financing would otherwise be restricted. By working in close cooperation with private sector lenders, this program will fill gaps in market access and lever additional lending by private sector institutions in cases where joint participation facilitates private action.


MITACS is a federally and provincially funded research network with offices located coast to coast. MITACS brings together academia, industry and the public sector through research and training initiatives to develop cutting edge tools vital to the knowledge-based economy.

British Columbia Ministry of Small Business and Revenue

To encourage new mine development in the province, the new mine allowance provides for an allowance of one-third of the capital costs of new mines and expansions of existing mines that begin production in reasonable commercial quantities before 2016. This means that 133.3% of qualifying capital expenditures can be added to the cumulative expenditure account of the mine.

Canadian Manufacturers & Exporters – Manufacturers’ Executive Council

The Manufacturer’s Executive Council (MEC) is an exclusive group of non-competing business owners and senior executives who meet regionally across Canada on a monthly basis to share ideas, learn from each other’s experiences, and solve problems through peer group mentoring.

This unique and interactive forum uses a proven technique to increase profitability and competitiveness by drawing on the strengths of experienced and like-minded executives in an educational environment. Help your company grow by aligning yourself with a group of manufacturing leaders who can share best practices and sharpen your leadership and management skills.

The Northern Manufacturers’ Executive Council is now available in central and northern British Columbia.  For further information, please contact Renata King, Director, Business Development, Northern Development Initiative Trust.

Community Futures

Dedicated to community-driven economic development within the following service areas:

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